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Laparoscopic surgery on the ovary and fallopian tubes

The usual indications for ovarian and tubal surgery are ovarian cysts, tubal ectopic pregnancy , endometriosis, infertility , and adhesions. In the presence of pelvic adhesions, the surgery can be difficult. Meticulous dissection may become necessary to guarantee removal of all the ovarian cyst wall or all of the ovary or tube when indicated. Also, the ureter which runs close to the ovary may need to be identified and dissected out to prevent its injury during the course of surgery. 

The following are video clips of procedures on the ovary and tube performed by Dr.Badran

  • Laparoscopic resection of a right ovarian dermoid cyst


  • Laparoscopic right salpingostomy for right tubal ectopic pregnancy


  • Laparoscopic management of left ovarian torsion


  • Laparoscopic tubal patency dye test study